MiDraSk Conversations – 2

… or maybe not …

I told him how I felt about my experiences during the last few days. Honestly, it has been a strange and unfamiliar mix of feelings, to say the least.

Okay, I agreed that everything that happened to me had been much more that extra-ordinary, but the intensity produced in me a strange kind of ethereal, yet physical discomfort. It was an indefinite fear or perhaps just the incapacity of understanding, a frustrated melancholy (hai că nu stau rău nici cu engleza :D) which I could not define exactly. In any possible way, I didn’t find that state noble and productive. I was looking for answers, not for more questions.

The Knight smiled and told me: – You are beginning to learn.

The Blacksmith  – This type of learning is not for me. I am not made for it.

The Knight          – You always exaggerate.

The Blacksmith  – This is not an exaggeration.

The Knight          – But this is not the real problem. The real problem is that you exaggerate the bad points only.

The Blacksmith  – There are no good points so far … All I know is that it makes me very afraid.

The Knight          – First of all, you have no idea what fear really is. Second, there is nothing wrong with being afraid. When you fear, you see things in a different way.

The Blacksmith  – But I don’t care about seeing things in a different way. I think I am going to leave the learning alone. I can’t handle it. This is a really bad situation for me … inside and outside.

The Knight          – Of course it is bad. It is bad for me, too. But I’ve made up my mind and I am going to do my part in this role. But you know what ? I can’t do it without you.

The Blacksmith  – Hmmm …

The Knight          – It’s so easy to understand, yet so hard to do it. Fear is the first enemy you must overcome on your path to sublime knowledge.

The Blacksmith  – You may have a point. But how and what can I change ?

The Knight          – You are not thinking in the proper order. Change this. Think about the last few days. Think about nothing else. The rest will come to you of itself.




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