MiDraSk Conversations – 1

The last time I was talking with The knight ? Last summer … Somewhere on north shores.

He wasn’t quite himself, but even in this state of limited consciousness and awareness, he could see and understand things that I couldn’t.

I remember I asked him if he’s going to teach me what is the biggest secret about people.

The Knight          – I prefer to use the term humanity. I advise you to do the same.

The Blacksmith – When are we going to start ?

The Knight          – It’s not as simple as that. You must be ready first.

The Blacksmith  – I think I am ready.

The Knight          – To think is not enough. This is not a joke. You must wait until there is no doubt, and then you will be ready.

The Blacksmith  – Do I have to prepare myself ?

The Knight          – Yes. No. Maybe. But you will definitely have to wait. You may very well give up the whole idea after only a while. You get tired easy. Last night, when we were talking about will and free will, you showed me your limits.

”The immutable laws of the universe have yet to resolve the hard problem of consciousness.”

I knew exactly what he was talking about.

He was right. I wasn’t ready …  But I will be.


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